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Out now on iTunes, Spotify, Amazon, Google Play, and more!

International Speaking Engagements (2016 - Present)

Shinjini's go-getter energy spreads like wildfire to everyone and anyone who is in her presence. She is globally recognized by millions for her inspirational insights on global entrepreneurship trends, the fundamentals of building businesses, women's empowerment, diversity, youth empowerment, and go-getter lifestyle inspiration!

Listen. Do you feel empowered, my go-getters?  

Shinjini fell in love with herself on her journey to building her own digital media business. That is not egotistical, that is something we should all be proud to say.
— Business Insider Deutschland



  • 5 Secrets of a Go-Getter

    Go-getters are ambitious and unapologetic. They know what they want, and they do what they need to make it happen. They don’t see obstacles; they see the opportunities in between. What does it take to get to this place of empowerment and confidence? In this keynote, Shinjini Das walks her audiences through the personal and professional steps of becoming a bona fide go-getter. She breaks down how embracing yourself fully and honestly is the first step to commanding, owning, and building your life.  

    As a result of attending this program, the audience will learn the following:

    ·       what it means to be a go-getter and how to build action plans for goals

    ·       ways to be proactive daily and embrace action towards life milestones

    ·       how to embrace themselves and live authentically with purpose


  • A Go-Getter's Quest for Identity

    Go-getters today have more choices and passions than ever, so how do you choose your calling, identify your purpose, and craft a meaningful life to leave a legacy? The first step is to find your identity. In this keynote, Shinjini Das shows how she has pieced her identity together from around the globe, but it’s taken her time to do so. Shinjini shares with students her own struggles to define herself as an empowered, Asian-American millennial woman. She highlights how to find humor when you inevitably stumble on your path to getting to know yourself. Shinjini knows that you don’t need to be sure; identities morph all the time. However, you do need to try to figure it out.  

    As a result of attending this program, the audience will learn the following:

    ·       how to pinpoint the top 3 techniques to figure out your passion in life

    ·       how to reflect on the intersection of your talents, passions, and goals

    ·       how to plan ahead for the future by deciding the legacy you want to create


  • Define American: The Powerful Rise of Millennials of Color

    Define “American.” In this keynote, Shinjini acts as a guide through the bumpy landscape of identity in America. Shinjini explains how the shift towards a more colorful America is a shift towards the full embrace of multiple cultures and perspectives around various ideas. Shinjini shows how young people of color are poised to powerfully impact the dialogue around cultural competence in a truly trail-blazing manner. She inspires students to embrace this seismic shift in sustaining the conversation around global diversification. Shinjini’s identity exists in a liminal space, in the paradigms of Asian-American womanhood, and she wants to enable you to discover your own.

    As a result of attending this program, the audience will learn the following:

    ·       how to acknowledge the isolation from pop culture many millennials of color face growing up

    ·       what culturally-specific platforms exist to express and learn unique perspectives

    ·       how to understand the importance of young people of color speaking up in America