Shinjini’s ability to pick out my inherent strengths from our conversations and then show me how to utilize those traits pays tribute to her desire to empower others. I needed someone to give me the confidence boost and push me to execute on my aspirations and Shinjini largely exceeded those expectations. Thank you from the bottom of my heart!
— Jack B, Experienced Analytics Associate, PwC

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  • Identify your unique individual  value proposition by creating a list of personal saleable qualities which exclusively identify you
  • Create a 5 step action plan to amp up your digital media profile to reach both American and international audiences via your brand
  • Pinpoint 3 short-term and 3 long-term goals to accomplish over the next 5-6 months and 1-2 years to explode your digital brand
  • Schedule 5 weekly coaching calls with Shinjini to ensure that you are ON THE TRACK to building your million dollar brand today!


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  • Share details about your part-time business venture, including value proposition, target audience, product-market fit, future projections
  • Explain your company's short-term and long-term vision to change the world by communicating value you would like to provide to people
  • Analyze current revenues and compile an achievable financial goals plan to generate a consistent stream of revenue to jump ship full-time
  • Create frameworks to consistently evaluate the market for your products and services; learn strategies to innovate to give new offerings


struggling to flex your woman muscle in a technology career with all guys?

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  • Share your greatest failure as a woman in the very male dominated world of technology and expand upon the underlying reason for failure
  • Connect your intrinsic female talents with the description of responsibilities in the workplace as a programmer, QA tester, software engineer
  • Partner on exercises to evoke feminine energy and accept that feminine energy is powerful, extraordinary, game-changing in technology
  • Execute on a list of action items to brand you as a powerful woman in technology, not man, but a proud and powerful woman in technology


GO-GETTERS UNITE with Shinjini!

Stuck with a problem at work with no idea how to figure it out?

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  • Reveal your greatest professional struggle in the workplace to Shinjini and create a plan together to solve your problem on a timeline
  • Communicate tangible instances of breakage points or failure in the past due to this problem and discuss measures to prevent in the future
  • Develop very high levels of self-awareness and emotional intelligence via personality exercises to leverage mental strength to solve problem

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