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Growing up, I always wanted to create my legacy, my own impact, my own life trajectory. I was not a fan of following everyone else, because somewhere I was a go-getter who deserved greatness, not mediocrity, impact not simply an existence. This month at #Inc5000, a celebration hosted by Inc. Magazine to honor the contributions of entrepreneurs who are leading America’s fastest growing private companies in 2017, the hunger, passion, desire to scale growth, and ultimately, an inner fire to give immense positive value to the world was apparent. In fact, for the first time in my life, I finally felt like I truly belonged with these entrepreneurs as an ambitious and socially conscious go-getter who wants to change the world.

Daymond John's perspective on building ambassador cultures of influence to expand our impact was fascinating for the audience to hear

Daymond John's perspective on building ambassador cultures of influence to expand our impact was fascinating for the audience to hear

I interviewed Daymond John on his fascinating perspective to build ambassador cultures of influence to grow our impact.

At #Inc5000, I was the Chase for Business on-point reporter interviewing entrepreneurs with compelling personal stories to broadcast on the @ChaseforBiz twitter social channel. One of my most memorable experiences was interviewing Mr. Daymond John, the People’s Shark, and an innovative trailblazer in more ways than one. I was personally very fascinated by his perspective on building ambassador cultures of influence to multiply our impact, as well as, investing in smaller scale influencers who have more targeted niche followers excited and hungry to engage with our content.

Interacting with others who understand the value of encouraging and supporting small business owners was incredibly meaningful.


The core purpose of this conference was to empower the founders of 5000 of 2017’s fastest growing private companies in America, and this purpose, specifically the need to empower small businesses, resonated deeply with me. I have been devoted to empowering entrepreneurs and small business owners ever since I started my career in the media two years ago, so the opportunity to listen to strategic business leaders such as Michael Dubin, founder of the Dollar Shave Club, speak to his journey of building incredible brand loyalty, and growing his company from a startup to its recent acquisition worth a billion dollars was deeply and truly inspiring to me.

Most entrepreneurs I spoke with at #Inc5000 funded their businesses with their personal savings.


At the #Inc5000 conference, a recurrent theme of our conversations was around financing our businesses. A majority of the stories I heard from entrepreneurs were that they dove into their savings, which in many cases were limited, to get their companies started. I also launched my business with personal savings and have no plans of seeking outside funding as of now. For small business owners, it is critical to bank with an institution as committed as Chase is to financially empowering small business owners with the startup capital necessary to launch their businesses and reach their unique potential.

On a personal note, I want to continue to leverage my global platform to empower small business owners because they are our present and future. The heart, passion, and drive these entrepreneurs show on a day-to-day basis is beyond commendable, and one that I am focused on embodying consistently in my business.

A small business requires tools, knowledge, and networks to enable it to scale with intelligence to reach its full potential.


Another major recurrent theme of our conversations among entrepreneurs at the #Inc5000 conference was this idea of how to properly and effectively scale growth to enable our companies to thrive. A business is remembered by its ability to scale intelligently with the ability to empower its clients. Many small businesses struggle to scale to their potential because of a total or complete lack of guidance in knowledge, networks, and resources to help businesses of different industries scale.

As a business grows, we also should keep track of the culture we create together. Dr. Brene Brown emphasized the importance of building cultures of vulnerability which encourage open honest conversations in the workplace. In the past year while scaling the reach of my brand, I have become more open to deeply connecting to my audiences resulting in around a 7% month-to-month follower growth on social channels. I appreciated Dr. Brown’s message around building more intentionally vulnerable cultures, as cultivating strong relationships with colleagues is a very real passion of mine.    

Thank you Chase for Business for your partnership to empower entrepreneurs at #Inc5000!

Thank you Chase for Business for your partnership to empower entrepreneurs at #Inc5000!

Use every resource available to you to continue to grow your business.


Through Chase for Business, you, my go-getter entrepreneur, can gain a committed financial partner dedicated to listening to your unique needs just as I have done this year with Chase as my official business bank. Thank you Chase for your commitment to nurturing entrepreneurship by providing the tools and rewards business owners need to grow their businesses and lead the future: 

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